We began importing products directly from manufacturers over 10 years ago. We witnessed firsthand the inefficiencies of a product process from manufacturer to end consumer. The logistics costs associated with each layer in the supply chain, as well as brand premium, results in a 5-10x markup. Often, a product that sold for $100 retail would cost less than $20 to make.

We found that the heavy markup was a result of two things: inefficiencies in the supply chain and premium brand markups.

So our vision for Shopary came from asking this question: How could we deliver the best pricing on quality lifestyle goods that benefits both the consumer and the producers? 

By giving consumers direct access to products from global manufacturers.

Not only do we source products from traditional manufacturers, we also source from artisans and social enterprises in developing countries to create more economic opportunity for the poor and vulnerable. While traveling, we discovered opportunities to make a positive global impact. Each place we explored — from the favelas in Brazil, rural Philippines, to trafficking afflicted Thailand — share a common need: economic development to provide job training and employment for local communities. So we partner with social enterprises in developing communities to make change happen.

And we give consumers radically fair prices by disrupting the logistics of the supply chain and removing brand markups. 

We prioritize people on both ends — the consumer and producer.

Why do we do what we do? Well, besides wanting to change the world, we believe that living your best life means:

maximizing experiences and minimizing costs.

That’s the #Shoparylife. Perhaps you’re already living it. Perhaps you’re here to discover how to do it. Either way, we’re so excited that you’re here. Welcome!


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